new! chakra bracelet

chakra .png
chakra .png

new! chakra bracelet


black iris chain, sterling silver, and one Swarovski crystal with the following gemstones (in bold):

1st chakra: Garnet; represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded (base of tailbone) 

2nd chakra: Carnelian; our connection, to accept others and new experiences (lower abdomen)

3rd chakra: Citrine; our ability to be confident and in control of our lives (upper abdomen)

4th chakra: Aventurine; our ability to love (center of chest just above the heart)

5th chakra: Turquoise; our ability to communicate (throat)

6th chakra: Lapis; our ability to focus on and see the big picture (forehead between the eyes)

7th chakra: Amethyst; our ability to be fully connected spiritually(top of the head)

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